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So, Just How Much Trouble Is Naomi Campbell Getting Into? And Is The International Jurist Going Tabloid?

I’ve heard that supermodel Naomi Campbell was rather accustomed to getting into trouble – something about hitting her maids, among other things – but I’ll leave that to tabloids and people magazines (personally, I’m not a reader).

The kind of trouble concerning Ms. Campbell that is of interest to me is that of eventual false testimony before an international criminal court, or at least a hybrid one: the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL). Now, I have absolutely no proof nor any reason to think that the supermodel lied in her testimony to the Court last Friday. But with the conflicting testimonies before the SCSL that we’ve been hearing these past few days, I just had to wonder (with a little help from Washington Post’s Colum Lynch’s Twitter feed) what consequences could be for Naomi Campbell should it turn out that she provided an international court with false testimony. Read the rest of this entry »


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