About TIJ

The International Jurist is a project initiated by several LLM students from the Public International Law and Legal Research streams at the University of Leicester, in the UK. Its purpose is to publish perspectives and opinions on the current state of international law and its future, in relation to international affairs.

We are particularly interested in International Humanitarian Law (the Law of Armed Conflicts), Human Rights Law and Transitional Justice & International Criminal Law, as well as Comparative Law. That being said, the purpose is for us to discuss anything we encounter and find interesting, so do not be surprised to see certain posts that appear to be only distantly related to international and comparative law.

Posts will mostly be in English, but contributions in French are equally welcome.

So expect short and long posts, links, opinions, and the eventual off-topic rant. All done in an argumentative, thought-out manner, and hopefully, not without a little humor.

You can follow us on @intljurist on Twitter and on Facebook.

Welcome to the International Jurist blog!

The Peace Palace in The Hague, in The Netherlands

The Peace Palace in The Hague, in The Netherlands

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